Base Cleaning

Cleaning the base of your skis or board is a vital step in the servicing process; it removes any old wax and opens up the base’s pores allowing the plank to breath; meaning a fresh coat of wax can penetrate the base and moisturise it with all sorts of goodness.

P-Tex Repair

Stones, chairlifts and even other ski/boarders can all cause damage to your planks; from slight scuffs to deep gauges caused by park rails. A course of P-Tex can restore the base of your transport back to the way they used to be.

Side Edging

The job of the side edge is to support your stance in an upright position whilst carving.
For example, a beginner or freestyler will leave their side edge angle as close to 90° as possible as they won't be leaning over as much when tuning. This also means the edge angle won’t deteriorate as quickly.
A racer or advanced ski/boarder will need a more aggressive angle, this is to counter how far they lean over whilst carving e.g. 86°.
Our equipment allows for a range of 85° to 90° and Ali will talk you through the best options for your ability.

Base Edging

The base edge controls the roll from one edge to another.
For beginners and freestyles you tune the edge up to 2° so the edge is off the snow and more difficult to engage.
Beginners need this so they are able to build confidence without injury.
Freestylers form an edge so they can reduce the likelihood of edge catch on rails/boxes and to aid landing.
With more aggressive ski/boarders the base edge is tuned to 0.5° so edge to edge turns can be performed quicker. This base edge can be left at 0° but to keep the edges smooth, sharp and consistent it is better to tune them slightly.
Our equipment allows for a range of 0.5° to 2° and Ali will talk you through the best options for your ability.

Base Waxing

Wax is a key component in getting you down the hill quickly and we stock a variety of waxes to suit all the conditions your planks might encounter.
Mountain Ski Services applies the wax by hot iron, then by a hand scrape and buff, before giving it a good old polish to add that smooth glide.
If your skis have never had a wax, a second coat might be required; this ensures the wax is embedded exactly where it can be of most benefit to you.
Ask Ali for his advice.

Storage Wax

For those horrible times of the year when your equipment is put away, be sure to treat them to a nutritious slumber.
Applying a storage wax prevents moisture from attacking your base and keeps them in prime condition once it is ready to be scraped off.
For best results, perform all the tuning before storage.

“A freshly waxed ski or board will make your experience all the more exhilarating.”